Settlement - Cyprus

After completion study students settlement route In the Cyprus

In Cyprus, international students who have completed their studies have several options for obtaining a work permit, permanent residency, and eventually citizenship. Here are some common paths:


  1. Work Permit: If you find a job offer in Cyprus after completing your studies, your prospective employer can assist you in obtaining a work permit. The employer needs to provide the necessary documents and show that there are no suitable candidates from within the local labour market for the position. The work permit allows you to work and reside in Cyprus.


  1. Category F Permit: The Category F Permit is designed for individuals who wish to reside in Cyprus without engaging in employment. This permit is suitable for retirees, individuals with sufficient financial means, or those seeking to engage in non-employment activities. The specific requirements and criteria for the Category F Permit are determined by the Cypriot authorities.


  1. Temporary Residence Permit: If you have resided in Cyprus continuously for a certain period, typically five years, and can demonstrate stable income and accommodation, you may be eligible to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit. This permit allows you to live and work in Cyprus without any time restrictions.


  1. Cyprus Investment Program: The Cyprus Investment Program, also known as the Citizenship by Investment program, allows individuals to obtain Cypriot citizenship through a significant investment in the country. By making specific qualifying investments, such as real estate, business, or government bonds, applicants can become eligible for citizenship. The requirements, investment thresholds, and procedures for the program are set by the Cypriot authorities.