Settlement - Malta

After completion study students settlement route In the Malta

Malta offers various options for international students who have completed their studies to obtain a work permit, permanent residency, and eventually citizenship. Here are some common paths:


  1. Work Permit: If you find a job offer in Malta after completing your studies, you can apply for a work permit. Your prospective employer must demonstrate that there are no suitable candidates available from within Malta or the European Union (EU) for the position. The job offer should also meet certain wage and employment conditions. The work permit allows you to work and reside in Malta.


  1. Highly Qualified Person Rules: Malta has a special scheme called the Highly Qualified Person Rules, which offers tax incentives and expedited work permit processing for highly skilled professionals. If you qualify under this scheme, you can benefit from a reduced tax rate and simplified procedures for obtaining a work permit.


  1. Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP): The MRVP, also known as the Malta Golden Visa, is a residence-by-investment program. It allows non-EU individuals and their families to obtain a residence permit in Malta by making a significant financial contribution to the country, such as purchasing or renting property and making a contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.


  1. Maltese Citizenship: To obtain Maltese citizenship, you need to first obtain permanent residency in Malta. After residing in Malta for a specific period (usually five years), demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the Maltese language and culture, and meeting other criteria, you can apply for Maltese citizenship through naturalization.